Teacher Resume

Teaching is without a doubt one of the most honorable and important professions in the world. Not only does a teacher benefit others but they can also receive a great deal of personal satisfaction from their chosen occupation as well. Even though you may be a great teacher; however, that does not meant that you are completely sure of how to write an outstanding resume. In order to land a good teaching job, you need to be able to take your experience, credentials and skills and translate them into an attention getting summary that will ensure employers want to meet you in person.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind when writing a teacher resume is the structure of the resume. The first element that you need to begin with in the structure of the teacher resume is the header. This part of the teacher resume provides your name and your contact information. Be certain that this information is printed large enough to be easily found.

The next part of the teacher resume is the objective statement. This is a critical part of the resume, particularly if you are applying at a large school district where there will likely be many people submitting resumes. You must be clear about the age ranges and subjects that you are qualified to each. Make sure that you are specific and precise regarding the objective statement on your teacher resume.

Another critical element of the teacher resume is the experience section. You should begin this section with your most recent teaching experience and then work your way backwards chronologically. Even if you are new to the field of teaching, make sure you list any substitute teaching experience you may have.

You will also need to list your education and credentials on the teacher resume. Make sure that you include continuing education and professional development courses as well as all of your certification information. Make sure that if you have not actually received your credentials yet that you state this clearly on your resume.

Finally, be sure to include any memberships or associations that you have joined on your resume. Many employers feels that belonging to professional organizations demonstrate a teacher's dedication to their career, so make sure you do not miss an opportunity to point this out on your resume. Following these guidelines can help you to create a winning teacher's resume.