Resume Writing

While many people are not aware of it most employers do not spend a lot of time looking at a resume. In fact, most employers only spend a few seconds per resume. This means that you have a very short amount of time in which to make your case and assure an employer that you are the right person for the job. It is little wonder that so many people are concerned about resume writing when so much is riding on creating the perfect resume. Understanding some of the most common resume writing mistakes can help you to avoid those critical areas and create a resume that will give you the best chances possible for landing the job.

Resume Writing Mistake #1: Focusing on Duties instead of Accomplishments

In resume writing, it is critical that you make sure that you focus on your accomplishments rather than duties or responsibilities. You must demonstrate the contributions that you have made to previous employers. For example, did you solve any problems, improve any processes or help the company to save money? If so, these are things that you need to point out on your resume. Draw attention to them using bullet points.

Resume Writing Mistake #2: Focusing on your Own Needs Instead of the Employer's

Never make the mistake of thinking of only your own needs when writing a resume. The employer is looking to fill a position for a reason and you need to make sure that you show him you are the perfect candidate to fill that role. Set your own needs aside and focus on the employer's needs in your resume writing for the best results.

Resume Writing Mistake # 3: Failing to Use Key Words

Resume writing today is much different today than it was ten years ago. Today, many people submit their resumes online in order to reach a larger number of employers. When submitting your resume online you must make sure that you make use of key words. If you are not certain of which keywords you should use, look through job listing and postings to get a good idea.

Making sure that you avoid these mistakes in your resume writing can help you to create a well crafted resume that will be certain to grab an employer's attention and survive that critical 30-second test scan so that you can move on through the next phase of the process.