Resume Format

Which is the right resume format for you to use? This is a question that many people applying for jobs in the current job market find themselves facing. Whether you are new to the idea of applying for a job or it has simply been a long time since you had to apply for a job, you may find yourself confused about the different resume format types. Until the last decade or so there was typically only one resume format used and that was the chronological resume format. This type of format was fine as long as you did not often change careers.

The chronological resume format still makes plenty of sense as long as you have a strong work history and you do not have any gaps in your work history or any special situations that need to be taken into consideration. The chronological format is ideal when you want to display a progression of skills and experience. If you are applying for a position within the same field or for a promotion within the same organization then the chronological format would be a good choice.

Another option that you might consider using when looking at different resume formats is the functional resume format. This is another popular format because it gives you the ability to highlight your skills while covering up a lack of experience or gaps in your work history. If you are changing fields or careers this can be a good choice to use. This can also be a good choice to use if you are re-entering the job force after a period of time of being off from work, such as if you have been off work due to an illness, staying at home with your children, etc. Individuals who are searching for their first job will also find this resume format to be helpful as well.

Regardless of which resume format that you ultimately choose to use, it is important to keep in mind that you should thoroughly read over your resume after you have finished writing it to be certain that you have not missed anything as well as to be certain that there are no mistakes. Finally, be sure you that you print your resume on high quality resume paper and then submit it in a matching envelope. This will give you the best chance for catching the attention of an employer.