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Promoting Your Company On The Web

Posted By: blogger on November 22, 2010 at 4:35 am

For a small or medium-sized enterprise, getting your company “out there” and noticed can be disproportionately expensive. Although many companies realise that they need a website, many do not take the chance to fully utilise the opportunities given by the web, and turn to expensive methods and consultants to improve their site. Getting things right from the outset will save you a lot of time and money.

Although there are may companies who have a range of web-related services including a web design service, many companies have staff capable of creating their own. If, rather than a e-commerce site, you just need an online equivalent of a directory listing, then a few good web pages are just the solution. Make sure they are coded simply and feature a prominent call to action, whether it be your telephone number of a dedicated email address through which you will take the sales call. Include examples of your company’s work, try to include as much rich media as possible such as photos and video which are very popular things for people to search on and link to.

In order for people to find your website, you have to indulge in a spot of search engine optimisation. You will find that several companies and individuals offer their services at SEO, but there are some tactics that you can use which will not cost you anything and give you an edge over some of your rivals. Run your site through the free W3C code checker to eradicate HTML errors, and ensure a good mix of text and images so it isn’t skewed towards graphical elements. Think of some word that people will use when they look for your product or service on the web, and include these in a natural and contextually correct manner on your site copy. By signing up to a Google Adword account, you can use their keyword suggestion tool that will suggest other terms people have used, and will give you an estimate on the amount of searches on that phrase.

For online marketing, you should hopefully be seeing good results from high traffic key terms funnelling visitors to your site. However you can pay for traffic by using the Google Adword service, or by placing sponsored banners on other sites in your business sector. Don’t overlook online trade directories that are relevant to your business. Most companies will use print directories but forget about looking for online ones, many of which are free to list your company.

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Find Out How Web Marketing Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Posted By: blogger on May 21, 2010 at 12:57 pm

Marketing Services Tips

Do you own a traditional offline bricks and mortar business that really needs a a marketing boost? If so, do you have an on-line property as part of your business growth scheme?

The internet is today the first choice for individuals searching merchandise and services they are thinking about purchasing. The web has now superceded the yellow pages as the premier consumer research resource.

So, if your business is not part of the web, it is missing an enormous percentage of the market which may be costing you a substantial measure of annual profit.

If you are looking into developing a website, you genuinely need to weigh up creating direct response marketing techniques in the layout of your internet site.

Brochure style sites that contribute nothing to your gross sales and business development are really not worth having.

Business is primarily about selling and a web presence is fundamentally a selling media which you should take advantage of.

Of course, advertising your internet site is the key to success and you may consider the benefits to employ a specialist internet marketing consultant to get the job done.There is a lot to consider when developing an effective direct response website and it can be time consuming and pricey if not done correctly.

Maintaining a current perspective on on-line marketing techniques is fundamental because web based marketing tools are constantly evolving and shifting. Recent research by Wayne Collins of 3Ways Marketing indicates the majority small business owners working 70 hours a week just don’t have the time or inclination to keep up with their own marketing plans and run the risk of being left behind if they do not actively pursue the web as a key component of their marketing resource kit.

There are limitless marketing techniques that can used online. It is often a matter of testing an idea to see which strategies work best for your business.

It is essential for any business enterprise to be trying new ideas all the time just to keep ahead of the competition. On-line sales techniques include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), article marketing, blogs, pay per click, banner advertising, email marketing, autoresponders, RSS, social networking, link swapping, link building, on-site optimization,video marketing etc.

Developing a marketing campaign that supports your in-place marketing techniques can provide you with spectacular results. The main thing is to preserve ongoing campaign ideas and continually be trying new ways to discover new leads, nurture active customer loyalty and increase your prospects average lifetime value to your business.

Net marketing can be a very cost effective way of attaining speedy growth in profits and longterm dominance in your local market.


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